Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Believers, without Faith?" No!

NOTE:=It has been a while since i blogged. This article shook me, as it reminded me of the parable that Jesus told about the widow who appealed to an unrighteous judge for what she wanted. While the parable in Luke 18 was to teach us to pray always, never to give up, Jesus ended that parable with these words: Whether when the Son of Man return to the earth will He find FAITH?....Read this article and examine the condition of your faith. God bless.

"Believers, without Faith?" No!
by Undrai & Bridget Fizer
Many have mastered the art of becoming "believers without the implementation of faith." Many are "believers" who trust in the rudiments of religious christiandom "than the prerequisites of believing with a Divine Mind." Embracing the Mind of Christ, to the point of becoming a living expression of the Divine Nature of God, totally blows certain minds away. It seems that simple Faith in this Principle "is very hard to come by."
What are you living from "if you have not mastered possessing faith?" Religion gives us the power "to become" without truly believing. It gives us the "title," while yet allowing us to make faith payments until we experience transformation and mature faith. Religion gives us the power to "say that we are something now," while not yet believing what we've said to the fullest. What are we living from "if faith is not the foundation of our momentum?"
Power for life "begins with believing what God believes." It begins by believing in the most humanly impossible Truths known to man..which is a virgin having a baby and Jesus dying and coming back to life! We cannot even begin a walk into destiny "until we have mastered believing God from impossible foundations." But for some, we usually "trade away belief of the impossible" for belief "in a denominational prerequisite or cultural doctrine." We believe in goodness "more than we believe in God!" We believe in the moral good "more than we believe that we are partakers of the Divine Nature!"
Religion makes it possible for us to get many to our "church" instead of awakening many to their Divine Life. We have been thorougly conditioned to press our way to church service "through the rain," instead of pressing our way to Divine Discovery "through our everyday pain." Indeed, religiosity makes it possible to "claim a Divine Name" without the implementation of Divine Faith." Faith? Believe? "How do I believe" is what is said more often than not.
What are we living from "if faith in, and from Christ, is not our foundation, our passion, or our beginning?" What are we living from "if creative possibility is not our Food?" What are we living from "if the mundane is more relevant than the supernatural dimensions that are responsible for our existence, purpose, and destiny?" What are we living from if ritual, regardless of sincerity, is more powerful "than the Truth that derives from the Mind of God?"
When faith becomes the believer's weakness, creation cannot help but continue in misery. Creation groans and awaits with eager anticipation, for the Manifestion and Becoming of the sons of God in the earth. Creation is not awaiting a conference, a revival, neither does it await another movement of men. It awaits for an explosion and an awakening of the Divine Nature of God to appear with confidence from the sons of God that are present in the earth. Faith and Belief must no longer be the believers weakness. What makes us a believer "when faith is our weakness?" *True belief never begins in the head. It always begins in the heart. The heart is life. Whatever is in the heart will naturally come out in one's progression. Intellect begins with the head, but Faith is birthed in the heart!
Our lives, choices, and direction, will become a direct result of the thing that made us "believers without faith being our foundation!" And everything that is not of the Kingdom, will be shakened. If your foundations did not include the mastery of believing the impossible, then that foundation will shake violently. The Father desires to give you a Kingdom "that cannot be moved." If your life is "moving, and your concepts of life and routine are being violently interrupted, then the Kingdom is making it's way into your vicinity." When we believe from the beginning, what God believes, our lives and power will not be moved. It does not stop life around us from shaking and burning, but it will not come nigh us! Believing what God believes "will not stop the storms from raging around us, but it will give us Divine Focus that will empower us to live as though the storm never began!"
And believe me, I know this is true! Because when you truly believe a thing "that thing will feel like yours!" It will feel like you gave birth to it yourself!
*Discovery beyond your present reality becomes impossible "if your faith only leads you to more religiosity." Believing what God believes, as well as believing how He believes, however, will lead you to what you were really born to do as well as manifest the Kingdom's Maximum Potential within you!

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