Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Time to Think: He Closes Doors For A Reason

Time to Think: He Closes Doors For A Reason
By Dr. D. Paul Reilly
Whilst watching Joel Osteen on television recently, he used the phrase which is in fact the title of this article ‘He closes doors for a reason’. There, He Joel was referring to was of course our Spiritual Father, God. Sometimes we can as human beings get discouraged when we get the proverbial door slammed in our face, so to speak, as we are desperately endeavoring to achieve a particular goal. We’re going along full steam ahead, believing all the time that we are in fact going to achieve our goal and become successful. Then, suddenly, out of the blue, so to speak, the door which we are about to go through that will assist us in accomplishing our goal, is literally slammed shut in our face.
Let’s face it, this happens to all of us from time to time, and can indeed have a devastating effect on us as we travel the road of life. In fact, when this happens to some people, they just quit in the pursuit of their goals and objectives; they give up and sadly settle for a life of mediocrity and failure. What a tragedy! What we all need to get deeply imbedded in our consciousness is The FACT, that when one door closes, believe you me, another will indeed open up momentarily, PROVIDED of course that we don’t quit and thus throw in the towel.
You see, sometimes in life people are traveling in the wrong direction, following a course of action which if continued, will result in great hardship and ultimate failure. Now sometimes some people appear to be blind to The TRUTH, and that’s exactly why they’re traveling in the wrong direction. However, as I have written about on many occasions in the past, everything is in fact in ‘Divine Order’.
Lest we ever forget, God, The Creator of The Universe and everyone and everything in it is still in charge. So, if we are stupidly traveling in the wrong direction, God, our Spiritual Father will simply have to close the door, so that we won’t travel any further in that obviously wrong direction.
Yes My Friend, God doesn’t just close doors in our face for no apparent reason, but as the title of this article so correctly states ‘He closes doors for a reason’. So My Friend, in conclusion, if per chance a door which you had high hopes of progressing through has just been slammed in your face, so to speak; well then, you must firstly realize and fully understand, that the action is indeed in ‘Divine order’, it was literally meant to happen in your best interests.
Then you need to quietly analyze the situation, thereby fully understanding both intellectually and emotionally that you were most likely traveling in the wrong direction toward a very destructive destination.
Finally, become totally positive as you continue in the silence with your Creator, and believe you me, He’ll open another door for you, which will lead you ultimately direct to Success City.

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