Thursday, January 19, 2006

COMPROMISE is so insidious

NOTE;= A great reminder for each of us to re-examine ourselves before God and his word. Rationalization is typically so appealing to the human mind and nature that we engage in it almost without thinking. Therefore if the TRUE WORD of GOD is not already influencing us deep in our mind, we can so easily slide along the path of compromise, as warned in this article. Read it and carefully consider you life afresh before God.

Read 1 Kings 11:1-7

Compromise is so insidious that people often do not even realize. Of course, there are many examples of good compromise, like two opposing sides coming together through mutual conciliation. But when we make concessions to believe or act in a way that is unwise, then we are in danger. Unfortunately, such unhealthy compromise leads to disappointment and ultimately to destruction.

We do not fall into a life of compromise; instead we slide into it.King Solomon's life is a perfect example of how a small compromise can lead to destruction. God clearly tells Solomon not to associate with other nations or to make alliances with them, So although going to Egypt to buy horses seems innocent, it is actually a compromise. In the end,Solomon also makes an alliance and marries Pharoah's daughter. Then, he compromises further until he has hundreds of wives. Next, he allows others to worship idols, but soon he himself is involved in the practice too. He finally stoops so low as to build a high place of worship for
Molech where human babies are sacrificed. This is a horrible picture of the way compromise works.

The principle is the same in our lives - a little compromise can lead to complete ruin. People give in to pressure in many different areas -morals, godly principles, clothing style, or participation in flirtatious conversations.

Are you sliding into compromise in your life? Ask God to reveal any areas of compromise that you may not be conscious of. If there are any, ask God to fortify you against these things that can lead to destruction.

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