Tuesday, January 03, 2006



God has given you ONE life with daily opportunities to INVEST for eternity. EACH day the prayers you pray, the LOVE you show, the THINGS you DO for others in Christ's name, the WITNESS you speak, and the FINANCE you GIVE are an ETERNAL INVESTMENT if done because of LOVE for christ.

Since you live but ONCE: Make some eternal investment each day. Invest time. You have the same number of hours as everyone else. Much of what you do is SPIRITUALLY NEUTRAL. It is necessary, but no special investment for eternity, EXCEPT as all you do consciously is done to God's glory.But you can make a DELIBERATE investment of TIME.

First in importance is PRAYER TIME for others and for God's work.

Second is TIME GIVEN to bless others just because you LOVE Jesus and them.

Invest Love. Do something you would not need to do, just because you want to SHOW the LOVE of Jesus to someone who needs it. SHOW LOVE to a child, a christian in need, or an unsaved friend.

Invest Words. You will be judged or rewarded in eternity for WHAT YOU SAY as well as what you FAIL TO SAY. Don't be a silent witness. Say something for Jesus EACH day. Say, "God bless you." "Isn't God giving us a beautiful cay?" "I hope you are getting as much joy out of life as I am since I gave my life to Jesus."
find something to say to someone each day.

Plan your Priorities. What is MOST important for you to do while you still live? Is it to WIN your loved ones?
Then plan how to LOVE them and LEAD them to Christ. Is it to help your church? Then pray for your PASTOR each day and plan ways to WIN and bring NEW people into the church fellowship. There are MANY THINGS YOU CAN DO to strengthen the church even if you do not have officially assigned positions.

Plan your giving. Do you want to INVEST a major proportion of your GIVING where it is needed most?
Where it will accomplish most? Then plan how you will give to missions. Some missions are not worthy of your help. Are they TRUE to the Bible? Are they well supervised?. . .You give each gift only one time.
God will reward your good intention, but be sure to GIVE to groups WHERE your funds are not wasted
and where God is greatly blessing.

You are another day nearer the END of your sowing and the BEGINNING of your eternal reaping.
Do God's will NOW! You have NO PROMISE of tomarrow. God has given you TODAY! Plan for tomarrow.
Plan for your family. Above all, plan for WHAT YOU WANT TO DO for God. But if you can do it today,
do not put off till tomarrow what you know God wants you to do. Satan's great SNARE is to get you to DELAY
and then perhaps FAIL to accomplish what you could. You can BEGIN a real prayer investment from today on. You can start sharing love, witness and new financial investment in souls now.Ask God's help and guidence, but ACT AT ONCE! The FINAL decision is yours. It is your life.
You can live a happy life, caring for your own and family needs, but always putting God FIRST in daily use of your time,your love and your possessions. THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE to invest life for God.
You live but once, but YOU WILL LIVE ON FOREVER! Live so that you will have great eternal reward.

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